Saturday, August 15, 2009

Taxation and tyranny

Why do Leftist TV pundits and liberal "thinkers" consider tax cuts an "income boost" to those who receive them. This is offensive. To speak about tax cuts in terms of how much they "cost" is intellectually dishonest. This is a common tactic of the Left. The government is not GIVING anything to me, in the case of a tax cut, that I haven't already EARNED.

And that's the biggest difference between liberals and conservatives. As a conservative I unabashedly declare that I want to keep more of my own money, more of my own labor. Meanwhile liberals will NEVER say they intend to take more of your money. That is of course, if you're "rich". We're not talking about the ultra wealthy here. They mean (in the last election) $125,000 per year or in other elections, less. I have news for you, $125K is not rich. Especially if you happen to live in a larger city. Especially if you have $75,000 - $100,000 in school loans to pay off because you decided to serve society as a medical professional.

Look, I have no problem paying taxes -- particularly state and local ones. Those are close to home and provide services I can benefit from directly or indirectly. But paying 1/3 of my income to the federal government while others pay nothing... that is obscene. And if a state wants to have high taxes to pay for health care or any plethora of social services, I can choose to move to a state that doesn't. THAT, was the vision and purpose of our federal system of government. A system we enjoy no more.

I have come to the conclusion that liberals really don't believe in the American Dream -- well as long as it is limited to a modest house, two cars and a load of credit card debt. They really DON"T want you to be more successful than others. I don't understand how any logical human being can look at their history of tax and spend policies and conclude otherwise. Instead, they lie, year after year, election after election, about their intentions. "We want to help you" they cry. And because they seized control of our education system decades ago, too many people believe in their false promises and don't see their intentions for what they are: to control your every need. For them, that is the root of their political power. For the rest of us, it is the foundation of a tyranny yet to come but well on its way.

The second pillar of Marx's transition to communism... A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.


  1. I have more of a problem with local taxes because I believe that there is much more waste at the local level. The overlap kills me. What purpose does Franklin County serve? County governments are fine in sparsely populated areas where there aren't big enough cities to support services we get in larger municipalities but the City of Columbus controls most of Franklin County. Then you have all these little cities inside of a bigger one, like Grandview and Upper Arlington. Ritzy speed traps with useless political hacks calling the shots. It's time to scale back state and local governments. Too many piglets are trying to suckle too few teats.

    Clearly "liberals" have their faults but I don't recall the 125K threshold being targeted by Obama's camp. Maybe I'm wrong. I'm pretty sure that people making 125 grand a year aren't seeing significant increases if they're seeing any at all but still I'm open to a link if you've got it.

    But let's talk about conservatives, which seems to be where you're coming from. Conservatives subscribe to the "trickle down" philosophy. Supply side economics: it doesn't work. Give the rich more money and they sock it away in a tax shelter, give the poor more money and they buy shit.

    In fact the economic mess we're just starting to climb out of was precipitated by the contraction of available capital in the economy. Bush managed to pass tax cuts that benefited the upper class and corporations and we were rewarded with a massive recession. The fact of the matter is that the progressive tax system stimulates the economy. It provides the middle and lower class with extra money which the upper class is able to acquire through the open market. the economic boom of the mid 1990's is a great example of that, but when SEC regulations were scaled back in 1999 large companies manipulated the market and deceived investors. When Bush took office this practice snowballed and his tax cuts slowed the economy. That's when all the sneaky little stock scams were brought to light and a cool down turned into an epic recession. So conservatives have done as much, if not more, to screw us over as the liberals you rail against.

    The answer probably lies somewhere in the middle, but we've become polarized. Conservatives keep throwing themselves a pity party and liberals won't get off their high horses. I lean to the left. Based on my scorecard liberals have done a better job than conservatives and they tend to be more forward thinking. Conservatives tend to be more selfish and less concerned about the big picture. For all their talk, their economic track record leaves much to be desired.

    The communism scare tactic that seems to be a running theme is cheap, inaccurate and beneath you. That crap might work for dopey polemicists like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, but those people are brainless wags who get paid to be dicks. And before you go there, I don't like Chris Matthews or Keith Olberman either, I just find the so-called conservative pundits far more offensive, perhaps because they cater to a much lower common denominator.

  2. Claw71: "Trickle down" is an excellent way to spur growth. Cities and counties partake in the practice when the going gets tough by offering tax-cuts, credits and holidays to burgeoning companies willing to expand in their juris-dictions. It's extremely effective but, more so among smaller to medium sized businesses. The sorts of businesses that utilize tax-shelters and third-party, off-shore havens are mulitnational companies that, for all intents and purposes, don't really need to remain in the United States. I own and operate a small business in the Columbus area and I can tell you with absolute certainty that if my tax burden were lightened or eliminated, I could hire 1-3 people dependent solely on the amount of the cut. I'm barely able to effectively cater to my client's needs and desires and also expand the company. Three more employees would allow me the time and opportunity to expand as aggressively as I initially anticipated. If healthcare passes, I'll never hire another person. Guaranteed. I'll probably fire 2 and retain the 4 that remain. The added costs associated with a government option, the inevitable passage of cap and trade and the sunsetting of the Bush tax cuts will have an absolutely devastating effect on my company. Conservatives are more concerned with the Big Picture than you can imagine - that's why we're all furious. The Democrat/Liberal agenda sounds wonderful but, in practical application, it's abundant only in disaster and debt.
    On another topic: "...I just find the so-called conservative pundits far more offensive, perhaps because they cater to a much lower common denominator." You're not exactly subtle in your regard for conservatives. Perhaps you should espouse that belief to a few of the conservatives in your life, for instance: Your grandfather, your doctor, your dentist and your boss. Odds are, they're conservative and I'm willing to bet they'd catch the fact that you just told them "you're a simpleton."